Cushion of veal pâté

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The chef’s pâtés are all handmade and respect traditional recipes. The fine mincing enhances the taste of the meat and its texture, making the pâté both firm and tender. We offer a variety of meat pâtés with game, sweetbread, or poultry liver with pistachios.


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Pork throat (origin:France); 29,81 % cushion of veal (origin: EU); poultry liver (origin: France); eggs; shallot; salt; breadcrumbs (gluten); parsley; white pepper; garlic; thyme.

Valeurs nutritionnelles moyennes pour 100g

Energie 1185 kj / 283 kcal
Matières grasses 16.1 g dont acides gras saturés 6.1 g
Glucides : 1.0 g dont sucres 0.2 g
Protéines 15.3 g
Sel 0.78 g

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Weight 350 g