Transmission, care and sharing...

As a “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (Chef of the Year) and a member of “Les Toques Blanches Lyonnaises,” Joseph Viola loves to talk about his craft and pass along his passion through cooking. He also does this by attending events in France and abroad. He is available for conferences and round tables in order to share his desire for excellence with younger generations.

Are you planning a catered event? Chef Viola can help! Think “Best Meat Pie in the World” 2009 with the duck foie gras and calf sweetbread “pâté en croûte,” mini-quenelles, a Lyonnais hamburger with dried sausage, cold cuts and terrines. Offerings are unique and tailored to your catering needs.

Our three restaurants are available for private bookings for: up to 90 guests at Daniel & Denise Saint-Jean; 70 guests at Daniel & Denise Créqui; and 42 guests at Daniel & Denise Croix-Rousse. Our dining rooms are also available for your private events: Daniel & Denise Saint-Jean can welcome up to 22 guests; and Daniel & Denise Créqui, up to 12 guests.

Chef Viola has become a true “cuisine canaille” ambassador, developing an eye for product selection. Do you want to upgrade your restaurant offerings? The chef can act as a consultant for your business.